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Bury Safeguarding Children Board

Working together to safeguard children and young people in Bury

Lay members

The role of lay members is to actively promote stronger local engagement, build links with the local community and raise awareness of Bury Safeguarding Children Board and its work. In addition, Lay Members will be expected to play a part in the oversight and scrutiny of decisions made by BSCB and provide constructive feedback and challenge where appropriate. Lay members support the work of BSCB by:

  • Encouraging people living in Bury to become involved in child safety issues
  • Helping people living in Bury to understand the work of the BSCB
  • Ensuring that plans and procedures put in place by BSCB are available to the public
  • Assisting the development of links between BSCB and community groups in Bury

Lay Members are rich and vital contributors to the work of Bury Safeguarding Children Board. We are particularly keen to ensure that Lay Members are able to offer a perspective on children and young people's issues as well as parents' and carers' issues.